• Yu'an curates situations and makes relational social sculptures

    triggered by real life events as a transnational individual.

    CV - Contact - Portfolio - Founder of LOA Gallery 
    Asymmetry Curatorial Writing Fellow at Chisenhale Gallery and Delfina Foundation.
    Meet Leave of Absence LOA Gallery Gallery girl (2019)
    Micro residency KALTBLUT(2017)
    Artroulette Hackney wicked (2013), GQ Taiwan (2015)
    On Sophie Calle 明報周刊 (Print) HK (2013)
    So what about Boiler room Earworm (2013)
    KUA 01: Re-Integration launch public event, Chisenhale Gallery (2022) Video Documentation
    This closure: Independent Art space in response to the pandemic, Etut Study session, Pose (2020)
    Seeing a Cultural landscape in everyday conversation, NTUartfest (2015)
    img.A Beach Party (2017) Part installation, post happening. 📷 Florent Huet





    Smartphone Party (2014-2015)

    Peckham springs gallery, London
    Zollamt studios, Frankfurt
    Huashan art district, Taipei
    National fine art museum, Taichung.
    Press(DE.EN) Press(CN)
    Images/ Video
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  • Families (2018)



    A kidnap was staged.
    The kidnapped individuals were given three tattoos with their consent, designed by their friends and families. The image shows the white tattoo marking the injury made during the act.

    📷 Kengwu Yerlikaya

  • Artroulette

    Have you or someone you know recently moved home after being away for more then ten years?
    How is that going?
    Collecting (re)integration stories. ➞ Tell yours 💌




    img. Learning (2017) mix media