• Yu'an curates situations and makes relational social sculptures

    triggered by real life events as a transnational individual.


    Founder of LOA Gallery and publication KUA,

    Part of AFSAR (Asian Feminist Studio for Art & Research)

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    Talk/ text

    Art Review: Could The Global Artworld Afford Diversity? (2022)

    Chisenhale Gallery: KUA 01: Re-Integration public launch event (2022) Video Documentation

    Asymmetry Curatorial Writing Fellowship: Three Questions (2021) Journal (2022)

    Pose: This closure: Independent art spaces in response to the pandemic, Etut Study session (2020)

    NTUartfest 台大藝術季 talk: Seeing a Cultural landscape in everyday conversation (2015)

    On Sophie Calle, interview by Choya Hung, 明報周刊 Ming Pao Weekly HK (Print)(2013)



    KUA issue 01 Re-Integration featured on Delfina Foundation (2022)// Sluice on Leave Of Absence Gallery (Video & full article in print)(2021), Meet Leave of Absence LOA Gallery, Gallery girl (2019)// Micro residency KALTBLUT(2017)// Project Artroulette: Hackney wicked (2013), GQ Taiwan (2015), Art Emperor 非池中藝術網 (Video, 2015)// Smartphone Party 2.0 (2015) Faktory



    Oral interviews: Relocating back 'home' after being away for more than ten years? ➞ Tell your Re-Integration story 🎙️

    Publication: KUA 02: Displacement ➞ Submit your pitch 📗





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    Serial Publication project KUA, issue one: Re-Integration, supported by Asymmetry Art Foundation, co-produced by Chisenhale Gallery and Delfina foundation, published in May 2022. Read it online here.

    Departed (from a place we’ve never been), 2019, LOA Gallery

    Exhibiting artists: Lawrence Lek, J D Rooney, Tabitha Swanson, James Tabbush, Syan MC Yan.


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